iSTAR Korea A9000 Plus Remote Control ايستار ريموت كنترول للموديلات الحديثة


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Compatible Models:  

This remote is compatible with all the Istar Plus device and all the Zeed model and the following devices:

A9000 Plus, 6500,1600 Plus, Zeed222 , Zeed333 , ZEED 4 , A8500 PLUS, A8000 PLUS.

NOTE: THIS Remote NOT COMPATIBLE WITH the models x5000 mega,20000 combo,x70 mega, x50000 mega, x35000 mega, A7000, A7500 mega, x1200 mega, x1500 mega, x2200 mega , x60000 mega , x25000 mega, x4000 mega x60000, x50000, x35000, x9900, x25000, x7000, x3500, x1500 , x1000 , x2100.

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