ISTAR Online TV Code 1 year for all istar devices



ISTAR Online TV Renewal:

12-month subscription for all ISTAR models We are happy to provide you with an istar code for your istar box by email within 1 hour or less. ISTAR Korea sells this product worldwide, including in the UK, the US, Canada, and the rest of the world. The ISTAR Korea subscription will give you access to over 3600 channels worldwide. The Istar 12-month renewal is compatible with all the Istar receiver models, such as:
  • istar plus models
  • istar Mega models
  • istar classic models
  • istar new models
  • All Other Istar models

Istar US Canada has a dedicated customer service team that will help Istar Korea customers with any difficulties or technical issues they experience.

ISTAR Code Online TV for 12-Month Subscription:

You do not have to keep your remotes organized, and you do not have to search through cushions and the couch. Because with the iStar online TV code for the 1-year subscription, you can watch anything you want and enjoy over 3000+ channels. The iStar Online TV 12-month subscription is applicable for premier IPTV services that redefine home entertainment.

Purchasing  iStar Code:

The Istar subscription works with iStar Plus models, iStar Mega models, iStar classic models, Istar Zeed Model and all the other istar devices. In addition, the subscription is provided to you right away on the final page of the website after the payment is processed.

For faster delivery of the code, do not exit from the website; read the final page to get the code right away. Therefor we automated everything, so you do not have to wait for us to email you the Istar 10-digit subscription. But, we will also email the 10-digit subscription for your records, but if you want to get the subscription fast, just read the last page of the website after the payment.

The iStar online TV subscription can enrich your streaming experience by delivering high-quality streaming catered to a diverse audience.


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Fadi Hakim

Love it

Shireen Suleiman
Absolutely in love

Very very excellent service

Ali Al Rubaye

ISTAR Online TV Code 1 year for all istar devices

Saad Ezzaldeen

it's true I bought the code from you for my istar x20000 and before buying I told you the maca with the acronym but unfortunately after the purchase the code didn't work for me and now everything doesn't work and I wrote to you via email several times without success, I don't know where the defect in the number or the equipment was, however the code was absolutely not useful to me. greetings and thanks

Fawzi Khoshaba

Great job